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Taking the Piccolo to New Heights

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Taking the Piccolo to New Heights

Since about 1980, there has been a movement to promote the piccolo as a solo instrument. It has been a real joy for me to be a part of this movement and I welcome anyone interested in joining.

Getting ready to do my thing at the Flor

News and Notes

August 2020

This section will contain a schedule of upcoming events and other news that might be of interest.


Upcoming engagements

For the time being.....

Like most other musicians, all of my engagements and travels evaporated in March with nothing on the horizon until we get a viable vaccine. So, in the meantime, I have recorded several duos, trios and quartets using Acapella. You can find these recordings on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Getting ready to do my thing at the Flor

Notes of Interest

August 2019

Last September, I released my 5th album Fair Weather which includes 3 pieces I commissioned for piccolo and piano. It is only available digitally and can be purchased from this site or on CDBaby. 

I have special gift for flute professors and those with private studios who want to expose their students to repertoire for piccolo, I will send copies of Hands Across the Seas, Piccolo Four Hands, Toot Sweet and Short and Sweet for the cost of shipping. Please contact me via email if interested. solopikolo@aol.com.

I am available for piccolo masterclasses, lessons in person or via the internet. 

For band directors looking for a soloist, I'd be more than happy to send a listing of what I have in my library for piccolo.  and band as well as a demo CD of solos

recorded while in the Field Band. 

Questions? Please feel free to email me or visit my Facebook page-Taking the Piccolo to New Heights. 



Over the last several decades there has been a wealth of new, exciting repertoire written for the much maligned piccolo. Nan is one of many piccoloists who have made it their mission to promote the piccolo as a solo instrument by performing recitals, commissioning new works and producing albums.

After 26 years as solo piccoloist with the US Army Field Band, Nan Raphael,  has been a guest artist/clinician nationwide, piccoloist with the Maryland Lyric Opera, International Flute Orchestra, Washington Winds recording studio band, InSeries Opera Company and Columbia Flute Choir. She has 5 piccolo CD’s and a book of piccolo excerpts from the symphonic band repertoire as well as an article in the National Flute Association's Pedagogy Anthology vol. 2. 

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